Times have changed. Medical aid cover used to be fairly universal and comprehensive, but then the insurance industry got involved and introduced a sophistication and complication foreign to the healthcare industry.

‘the more priority placed on intrinsic goals, the greater their overall well-being’

Schmuck P; Kasser T; Ryan R M; (1999)


Empowering People For An Uncertain Future

The resulting upheaval saw the emphasis moving from plain and simple medical aid cover provision by employers, to employees and individuals having to learn to take more responsibility for managing their own day-to-day healthcare cover, for which many  were unprepared.

In response to the dynamics evolving we have seen a plethora of reactions:


Employers ‘washing their hands’ of the problem by giving employees an inclusive cost-to-company package to allow them to make their own choice of healthcare cover;

Many younger and healthy individuals opting out of medical aid;

Medical aid contributions increasing annually far in excess of general CPI and many co-payments on procedures and hospital admissions being introduced to try to contain run-away costs and shrinking and ageing risk pools;

The insurance industry responding by introducing gap-cover policies and such products;

The introduction of more controls by regulatory bodies - and of course, the looming National Health Insurance; (NHI)

Whatever the future holds, we believe that employees and individuals could be empowered to make rational, appropriate choices with regard to their own holistic well-being . . . And that largely begins with their ability to manage their own finances and to learn to live within their means – to take responsibility for  improving their own ‘lot’;


Our  purpose is about how to help employers and individuals on this journey of  self-empowerment and healthy responsibility for a happier, healthier, fuller, future!

Our 7 Step Empowerment Programme

The ‘Seven-Step Empowerment Process’ which we apply to our healthcare strategy and the financial empowerment  of individuals is a very structured and incremental process that has an ‘end-in-mind’ -  a long-term goal for both the individual and the organisation as a whole  - healthier, happier, more productive, goal-oriented  individuals and organisations.


The following principles are applied on both fronts – healthcare, and personal financial empowerment:


7.  Leave a Legacy

6.    Review

5.      Measure

4.         Budget

3.          Analyse

2.            Set Goals

1.               Dare to Dream